Originally from France, Boris immigrated to Canada with his mother soon after she landed a post with the airlines. Thanks to her work, he was able to fly extensively and by the time he'd reached his teens, Boris had travelled to many destinations the likes of India, Japan, Latin America, French Polynesia, the Carribbeans, the US and much of Europe, all of which shaped his outlook on the world. His father, a successful visual artist, had a big influence on Boris' affinity for the arts.

Boris completed the A.R.C.T. Diploma in classical piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music, the Jazz and Commercial Music Diploma from Vancouver Community College, and a Bachelor of Music Degree from the University of British Columbia. Though much of his formal training is centered around Classical piano, his true passion is for Jazz and World music.

Throughout College and University, Boris made his living as a lounge pianist, played in various bands and taught piano part-time. He soon joined the internationally acclaimed Celtic-funk band Mad Pudding with whom he toured throughout Canada, the US, and Europe for over a decade. As the bassist for Mad Pudding, he performed at many prestigious music festivals including Cape Breton's "Celtic Colours", Vancouver and Winnipeg Folk (Canada), Glasgow, Shetland and Orkney Folk (Scotland), Edinburgh Fringe (Scotland), Fylde Folk and Canterbury Arts (England), Skagen (Denmark), Philadelphia Folk (USA), San Francisco Celtic (USA), and many more! Other highlights include performances with Symphony Orchestras, Pipebands, and nominations for three West Coast Music awards.

Boris founded the francophone folk trio Pastiche (pastiche.ca), and he regularly performs with various other Vancouver-based artists and bands. He is also a program manager and teacher at the Sarah McLachlan School of Music.

In early 2004, he ventured into instrument-making and has since successfully completed numerous sets of bagpipes - Uilleann pipes (Irish), Sackpipa (Swedish) and Cornemuse Du Centre (French). He is often commissioned to produce new sets and plans to hone his pipe-making skills over the years to come. Boris is also an aspiring mandolin and chromatic harmonica player.

Boris piping